Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Stepkids you will love.

I've been hearing an amazing record for about two months now on Gilles' worldwide show, called 'Shadows on behalf', i dug but could not find. But for a live you tube recording, there was nothing about these kids, or The Stepkids as the band are called.
Since then all has become clear and more album snippets - also check 'La La' -have been released from this amazing band signed to Stones Throw records. The Stepkids are a 3 piece from Connecticut, an experienced band of session musicians who have toured with the likes of Lauryn Hill, 50 cent and Alicia Keys. They have now decided to pack up supporting and start their own band, and oh lordy! Am i glad they did.
You can hear the influences of all of the above mentioned artists, but their sound is a real mixbag from Soul and hip-hop to funk and pyschadelic rock. Whatever it is, it personally makes me feel good, with not a care in the world, the birds sing along with me as i bop down the street in glorious sunshine, people happy and life just dandy. Aaaah, bliss!
And for all of you vinyl lovers out there, there is a special limited press of a 1000 units of new tunes 'Shadows on behalf and 'La La', with coloured vinyl and embossed sleeve to boot.
Check 'em yourself.

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