Friday, 17 June 2011

Mile wide smile club - Radio podcast No:1

Well , finally! I've been promising a radio podcast for quite sometime and here it is.
Planning it was an effort, seems so easy on paper. Biggest thing for me to overcome was actually listening to myself. Is that really what i sound like?! Blimey, you poor folk!
Anyway, i did it and although i'm not convinced by the sound of my own voice, there is a 3hr 20 minute show with some cracking tunes accompanied by some dulcit West Midland waffle.
I'm hoping to do a monthly show and see where it leads. I've already talked to someone about doing a proper radio show in Brighton. Aaah! I dunno, it's all new to me. Ultimately it's been fun doing it, so fingers crossed, once i overcome the dislike of my accent and get used to talking crap i may really enjoy it.
Good, bad or indifferent, it would be nice to get some feedback, so do drop me a comment on here, or
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1/ We almost lost Detroit             )
2/ It's your world                          )   -  Gil Scott Heron mini tribute
3/ I'm new here (Jamie xx remix)  )
4/ Elzhi - One love - Elmatic mixtape download.
5/ Leatherette - In and out - Ho-Tep records - AYK download
6/ Jehst - Starting over - YNR - AYK download
7/ Dego ft Luv bugz - What ever - 2000 Black free download
8/ Steve Arrington - Goin' hard - Stones Throw download
9/ Mayer Hawthorne - No strings (Jazzy Jeff roller boogie remix) - Stones throw 10"
10/ Ghostpoet - Survive it (Koreless remix) - Brownswood 12"
11/ Gang colours - Dance around the subject - Brownswood 12" EP.
12/ Fantastik man - Nuthin but a thing - Kolour LTD 12"
13/ Mic Newman - Fidelity - Freerange download
14/ Letta Mbulu - Kilamanjiro (Revenge edit) - Z records 12" EP
15/ Charlie Clemons - The devil has made this land his playground (Tom Noble edit) - Superior Elevation 12"
16/ KMFH (Kyle Hall) - Down - Wild oats 12"
17/ Joker - Aint got a name - Free download
18/ SBTRKT ft Yukimi Nagano - Wildfire - Free download
19/ Photek - Rings around Saturn (Breach remix) - White label 12"
20/ Kode 9 - Green sun - Hyperdub CD
21/ Stubborn Heart - Need someone - White label 12"
22/ Marcus Intalex - TB or not TB - Soul:r 12"
23/ Jacques Greene - Another girl - Lucky me records 12"
24/ Deadboy - Aint gonna lie - Numbers 12"
25/ SBTRKT - Ready steady loop - SBTRKT 12"
26/ Africa Hitech - Light the way -93 million miles LP - Warp
27/ Zomby - Natalia's song - 4AD 10"
28/ Greymatter - Tesla - Wolf Music records download
29/ Linkwood - Untitled - From the vaults EP - Prime numbers
30/ Mark E - Got to get you there - Stone breaker LP - Ghostly international
31/ About group - You're no good (Theo Parrish translation) - Domino 12"
32/ Dam Funk - Don't give up - Unreleased free download
33/ Neon Jung - Just can't leave it alone - Magic wire 12"
34/ Finn Peters - Purple - Mantella records 10"
35/ Ron Baseman - Sanfranman - Redux 12" EP
36/ Bibio - Don't summarise my summer eyes - Warp 12"
37/ Bibio - Anything new - Mind Bokeh LP - Warp CD

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Radiohead - King of the limbs remixes

So, have you bought or at least heard Radiohead's 'King of limbs'?
Already one of my albums of the year. The download version came first, followed a few weeks later by the vinyl. Then a limited edition newspaper wrapped 10" vinyl. Jeeez! Music junkie i am, succomb i did and ended up with all formats - kind of hoping that the limited edition copy will pay me back some day.
So, now we have the King of limbs remixes.  Maybe this is in place of the mystery King of limbs 2 project, which seems like it never was.
To be honest, i'm happy to shell out again. The first 12" features 'Little by little' remixed by Caribou and my album fave, 'Lotus flower', remixed by Jaques Greene. I'm a fan of both artists and look forward to hearing these. More remixes are planned at different intervals throughout the summer, with Flying lotus worded to be part of the remix crew. They promise a great deal, let's hope they live up to the hype.

There seems to be no clips of the forthcoming remixes, so we will have to do with the album sampler.
Enjoy if you havn't heard it already.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

WAH WAH 45's LIVE in Brighton.

Big new night for Brighton's descerning clubbers!
The excellent WAH WAH 45 record label are bringing their heavy dancefloor sound to the seaside.

A few words from label head Dom Servini; Wah Wah 45s are one of London’s leading independent record labels, who not only specialize in bass heavy soul, dub reggae and big band funk, but also know how to put on a top notch event. As well as their regular London monthlies at venues such as Favela Chic and The Vibe Bar, the last couple of years have seen the label host two massive events at London’s famous Scala. Both nights saw over 1000 people attend and lose their minds to acts such as Quantic, Hackney Colliery Band, DJ Format, The Apples, Bonobo, Stac and many more.

Saturday June 11th sees the Wah Wah 45s crew take the Wah Wah Live show on the road. First stop for this year is Brighton, a city close to the label’s heart. The line up is a who’s who of the great and good of the left-of-centre music scene in the city. Whether it’s the uplifting dub reggae of the Resonators, the skanking soul of Tin Roots, the wobbly bass music of Tru Thoughts producer Hint, or exciting new beat maker Ambassadeurs, we’ve got it all under one roof. And with Wah Wah head honchos Dom Servini & Scrimshire taking up the rear, plus local boys done good, Pause and Mickey Duke, running things in the bar, we’ve got all corners covered.

Add to that the added bonus of bespoke optical delights, and the Wah Wah Shop for all of your limited edition tees, bags for life, stickers, vinyl and CDs and you know we really, really are spoiling you.

Spoiled indeed! If you havn't checked the WAH WAH sound, it's about time you got on board.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mile wide smile club May 2011 charts

Howdy smilers ; )

The months go marching on at a pace i can barely keep up with. More big tunes, another big chart.
One of the tracks of the year for me so far and at No 1 in my chart this month, Tom Noble's remix of Charlie Clemons. These tracks were produced back in 1980 by Charlie and his buddies just before the collapse of the Disco scene. Following that the project was shelved but luckily Charlie kept the original tapes.Tom Noble has got hold of them and took them to Philly for remixing. The result is two killer deep Disco jams. Hurry up though, they are in seriously short supply!
The amazing Elzhi mixtape is available for free download. Killer tracks from Mizz beats, Finn Peters and Jef Gilson as well as the new Ghostpoet remixes, serious stuff!!
The Africa Hitech album has finally dropped, as well as Mark E's new album and a wicked mini album from new artist, Mo Kolours.

As always, check the tunes and support your record store.

1/ Charlie Clemons - The Devil Made This Land His Playground (Tom Noble Remixes) - Superior elevation 12”
2/ Elzhi - Elmatic mixtape - Download
3/ Mizz Beats - Pimpin’ - AYK promo
4/ Finn Peters - Purple_Yellow - AYK promo
5/ Ghostpoet - Survive it (Koreless remix) - Brownswood 12”
6/ Mark E - Stonebreaker - Ghostly International LP
7/ Mo Kolours - Drum Talking - OHM
8/ Sun Ra - The Mike Huckaby Reel to Reel Edits Vol. 1 - Kindred spirits 12”
9/ Jef Gilson - Jef Gilson EP - Jazzman 7”
10/ SBTRKT - Ready steady loop - SBTRKT 12”
11/ Africa Hitech - 93 Million miles - Warp records LP
12/ About Group - You're No Good (Theo Parrish Remix) – Domino
13/ Dego album sampler - Love and hate you feat. Obanewa - AYK promo
14/ Various - Wolf Music EP08 - Wolf music 12”
15/ Neon Jung - Just can’t leave it alone - AYK promo
16/ Mayor Hawthorne - No strings (Jazzy Jeff roller boogie remix) – Stones throw 10”
17/ Mungolian Jetset - Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks (Todd Terje Remix) - Smalltown supersound
18/ Wolf + Lamb edits - Disco Edits - Wolf + Lamb Black
19/ T Williams - Heartbeat (Paul Woolford Rewurq / Original Instrumental) - Local action 12”
20/ Linkwood - From the Vaults Pt. 1 - Prime numbers