Friday, 17 June 2011

Radiohead - King of the limbs remixes

So, have you bought or at least heard Radiohead's 'King of limbs'?
Already one of my albums of the year. The download version came first, followed a few weeks later by the vinyl. Then a limited edition newspaper wrapped 10" vinyl. Jeeez! Music junkie i am, succomb i did and ended up with all formats - kind of hoping that the limited edition copy will pay me back some day.
So, now we have the King of limbs remixes.  Maybe this is in place of the mystery King of limbs 2 project, which seems like it never was.
To be honest, i'm happy to shell out again. The first 12" features 'Little by little' remixed by Caribou and my album fave, 'Lotus flower', remixed by Jaques Greene. I'm a fan of both artists and look forward to hearing these. More remixes are planned at different intervals throughout the summer, with Flying lotus worded to be part of the remix crew. They promise a great deal, let's hope they live up to the hype.

There seems to be no clips of the forthcoming remixes, so we will have to do with the album sampler.
Enjoy if you havn't heard it already.


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