Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Who let the Dogg out?

Well, love him or hate him - can't think there will be many for the latter - Snoop and his crew are rollin' into Brighton on Sunday.
Announced very late by The Dome, tickets sold out in a matter of hours. Now fetching anywhere between £50 - £100 each on Ebay, ouch!!
I wasn't lucky enough to get one but i'm still trying.
Although i'm a fan, i like many are of the opinion that Snoop has lost his edge a little over the last few years. Nevertheless, this will be a great show and is a huge booking for the Dome. I have never seen him live, so looking forward to the opportunity of geting up close and personal. Apparently, Warren G is with him too. Sounds too entriguing to miss.
I know this track is more about Dre, but still . . . . . . .

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