Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Two biggies!

1/ On Friday we have the pleasure of hosting Mr Simon Lee from
Faze Action. Having seen Mr Lee play a number of times i can honestly say that it is a show i'm very much looking forward to.
In keeping with the Mile wide smile club ethic, Simon plays music from across the board and aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

If any of you beautiful people would like to come and join us for a good old fashioned stomp, follow the link below for more info;
Simon Lee / Mickey Duke / Chri5tian - Riki-Tik stomp!

2/ I have the pleasure of playing at the might Wah Wah 45 label night.
Quite simply entitled 'Wah Wah Live' this night is going to be a guaranteed smash!
An unbelievable line up that goes a little like this;
DJ'S; Greg Wilson, Gilles Peterson and MC Earl Zinger, Jazzman Gerald, Dom Servini, Scrimshire, Sampsa Vilhunen, Mickey Duke and DJ Konvex.
Live; Colman Brothers, Stac and Blue Daisy, The Boxettes, Scrimshire and Gideon Conn
On top of that there is the famous musical bingo, which is a must if you haven't played before.
I will be supporting Jazzman Gerald and Co, playing 'Tittyshakers', 'Surf rock' and '50's / 60's R&B'.
There won't be a better night out this year! Nuff said.

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