Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Zed Bias - Music deep inside

Dave Jones aka Zed Bias/Maddslinky is possibly one of the hardest working men in elctronic music today.
Dave made his name in the UK garage scene and is possibly best known for his track 'Neighbourhood', which bothered the UK charts in Summer 2000. He has admitted that following that success, he turned away from the more main stream sound in search of more underground pastures. A place he feels much more comfortable.
This year has seen the release of his album 'Biosonic hotsauce' under his Zed Bias alias. This has been closely followed by another album 'Make a change' released as his other alias, Maddslinky. Both are laden with ear rattling basslines and the usual dubbed out house sounds that you would associate with either
pseudonym. For me though, one of the tracks of the year is the wonderful 'Music deep inside', forthcoming on Swamp 81.  On neither of the albums, it is a stand alone release and still with no official release date. Stop teasing us people, let it go!

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